Single platform, multi-channel payment.

revPAY is a single platform that facilitates the acceptance of payment transactions across various payment channels from physical EDC terminals to virtual payments (via e-commerce and mobile commerce channels) to QR Payment, thereby providing cost effective solutions to its customers.

In a nutshell, revPAY serves as a payment gateway, payment switch and payment acquirer.

Online Transactions

Online transaction is the type of payment that performs digitally without the presence of a physical credit card or payment terminals.

With the growth of e-commerce and digital platforms, the ability to accept payment online has become one of the most crucial features for most merchants who bring their business to the digital world.

Knowing that convenience might come with some drawbacks such as privacy and security, revPAY never stops upgrading the infrastructure and enhancing the security of the platform to stay up-to-date with all the compliances from payment scheme giants and payment card industry standards.

Retail Transactions

Retail transaction refers to the payment made on a physical store via the payment terminal (EDC) with the presence of credit cards or QR code/barcode scanning via mobile devices.

Our payment terminals are designed to accept as many payment methods as possible available in the market. This means merchants have less trouble switching to another terminal based on customers’ payment choices. Settlement can be scheduled easily and it is fully automated.

You save more time to expand your business when you can accept almost any kind of payment method with a single device in your store.

Our Payment Devices Lineups
A920 Android SmartPOS
A50 Android MiniPOS+
IM30 Android Smart Unattended
CS60 Soundbox

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